• Paying too much to online platforms?

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    ROLL your own online ordering website
    Grow your own fans
    We charge as little as 0.5%
  • Thinking about starting your own business?

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    ROLL your own e-commerce system
    Launch your own website and app
    Even with no experience with IT
  • Wanna go online but don't have a budget?

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    ROLL your online shopfront with zero investment
    White-glove turn-key service
    Automate B2B distribution


If you have an idea for a new online business, we will help you ROLL it out in a few days with no upfront cost.


If you want to take your business online or enhance your internal operations, our software-as-a-service is the way to ROLL.


If you want to expand your distribution channels, and build your brand through social media, our software will help you ROLL to new heights.

What We Do

With our software, you can turn your offline business online, or create a brand new one. You can automate everything from order processing to accounting. You can source and distribute products, and gain exposure to thousands of buyers who match your target customer profile. Unlike the big software firms and platforms, we are an Artisan eCommerce provider. We work with you to customise your site, upload your products, integrate with your inventory, and to train your staff. We help small and medium businesses build your unique online presence with sustainable long term growth. Rolling Pin is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with an international team across the globe.

How We Help

All-in-one eCommerce software, suppliers, back office operations, B2C, B2B, and B2B2C systems.

Launch your Flagship shopfront in one or two days

Increase sales and brand loyalty by building your own B2B2C micro reseller network.

Gain access to supply chain through The Bakery, our artisan marketplace.

Expand your distribution channel using our B2B management system.

7x24 technical support



State-of-the-Art eCommerce Websites


  • Choose from portfolio of templates or create a bespoke design
  • Use our free domain name or connect your own
  • Optimised for both PC and Mobile devices
  • Inventory and pricing synchronised with the Workshop

Rack Mini

eCommerce App and MiniApp

Rack Mini

  • Optimised for mobile platforms
  • Inventory and pricing synchronised with the Workshop
  • Multiple payment methods and multiple currencies


The B2B Distribution System


  • Manage all resellers with granular pricing policies
  • Advanced order management
  • Automated back office functions
  • Inventory and pricing synchronised with the Workshop


The agent System - Build your own micro agent network


  • Create incentives for individuals to promote your products
  • Make it extremely easy to share and resell your products
  • Automated accounting
  • Enable multi-tiered micro reseller network


Product and Content Management System


  • Database of Record for all products
  • Centralised management of pricing and inventory
  • Centralised order management
  • Workflow automation and management with industry-specific tools


Rolling Pin’s Professional Services


  • White-glove service for launching your online operations
  • Bespoke UI design and feature implementation services

Plans & Pricing

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise




Monthly Sevice Fee

- Dedicated Subdomain

- Dedicated Top-level Domain(not including Domain fee)

- SSL Certificate

- Free templates

Rack Mini


60 days free

Advanced+ Industry Tools
Artisan Service
Up to 10 hours/month
Up to 20 hours/month
Official B2B Portal

Platform Transaction Fee




About us

COVID-19 changed everything. Billions of people were locked in their homes, while many businesses had to close their doors. Supply chains and distribution networks were in disarray. Many lost their jobs. Yet businesses online were thriving more than ever. One thing was clear, our world is going VIRTUAL and there are huge opportunities there. We created Rolling Pin Software to help capture those opportunities.

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